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ICT Technician

ICT technicians usually work in a team who maintain the school/college network, procure hardware and software, maintain computers and peripherals and support teachers in delivering the ICT curriculum. ICT technicians may cover all aspects of the role whereas in large schools/colleges some may only be responsible for a specific area such as technical support or AV equipment.

The role generally includes some or all of the following:

  • Procurement of, setting up and maintaining a wide range of equipment
  • Keeping up to date with current guidance to ensure a safe working environment
  • Administrative tasks related to the role
  • Maintaining the computer network infrastructure
  • Installing and maintaining software on staff and student workstations/devices
  • Ensuring the network and devices are protected from viruses or hacking
  • Keeping an inventory or log of all ICT equipment
  • Providing technical support for teachers and students
  • Training teachers and/or students how to use new equipment

Click here to download a standard technician role profile from Skills4Schools

Training & CPD

Entry requirements vary between schools and LAs but generally at secondary level employers ask for at least GCSEs, or A-Levels or equivalent. Where technicians are expected to support students more directly and up to A-Level, employers may ask for higher qualifications in specific technology subjects. As technology evolves, schools and colleges are increasingly asking for degree level or equivalent candidates or candidates who must have experience in an ICT role in a relative setting.

ICT technicians are usually supported by regional organisations who deliver resources on a subscription basis. Some may be part of a traditional LA or some may be part of a large academy trust but most run training courses for ICT technicians in their region and offer technical support.

Specialist companies who are approved by IT vendors such as Microsoft (for Windows), Cisco (for networking), Oracle (for databases) and IBM can provide specific training for ICT technicians and professional qualifications can be obtained through organisations such as BCS, City & Guilds, Edexcel, EDI, OCR and SQA.

Support & Resources


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