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What type of schools can apply?

Any secondary level, high school or FE college (11-18) based in the UK can apply.

How much does it cost to apply?

The cost is £325. A purchase order must be raised before your application is approved for assessment.

How long does the award last?

The award lasts three years.

Does the quality mark include all types of technician?

Yes - We assess how well ALL of the technical staff employed in your school/college are supported by your school/college leaders. It covers the support of technicians that work in Science, D&T, Art, Music, Theatre, P.E, Drama and other subject departments where a technician is employed.

What if my application fails to achieve an award?

If your application does not meet our standard benchmarks, we will give you detailed feedback and targets to reach before applying again. You may reapply within 12 months for no additional charge. If we require any further information during assessment, we will contact you.

Can a technician fill in the application?

No - the application must only be completed by a member of your senior leadership team, your head or principle or the line manager for all technical staff at your school/college.

How can my school apply?

Email us at and we will send you an application pack.

Can a university apply?

No - Technical Champions is only for schools and colleges that cater for students up to the age of 18.

Can one application cover all schools in an academy trust?

No -we require a separate application per school. We offer a discount for academy trusts who would like several of their schools to apply at the same time. Email us for details.

Who is the awarding body?

Applications are assessed through Preproom - an umbrella organisation with 15 years experience in supporting technical staff in education. The benchmarks and assessment criteria have been developed with help from a range of organisations including the NJC for local government services and UNISON.

We only have a few technicians at our school, is it still worth applying?

Yes! We do not discriminate between large or small schools and colleges, whether you have five or fifty technicians or whether you have huge or modest facilities. We assess each application on individual merit.

What are the benchmarks we need to meet to get an award?

Email us at for an application pack which contains all you need to know. There is no obligation to apply after receiving the application pack and it won’t cost you anything if you choose not to apply.

How does an award benefit my school?

Successful applicants receive a certification pack including a framed certificate and a range of digital award media, an extensive 6-8 page feedback and targets document and unlimited access to an email support line for three years. Our feedback will let you know which areas of technician support need improvement and where you are currently doing well. Our assessment aims to equip your leadership team with the tools they need to ensure your technicians are best supported.



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