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Art & Design Technician

Art and Design technicians may offer support to teachers of art, photography, sculpture and computer aided design. Often art technicians work alone although in schools and colleges that specialise in a range of art subjects they may be part of a small team. Technicians may demonstrate art techniques to students and prepare a range of consumables for lessons.

The role generally includes some or all of the following:

  • Procurement of, setting up and maintaining a wide range of equipment
  • Keeping up to date with current guidance to ensure a safe working environment
  • Keeping an updated stock of equipment and consumables
  • Cleaning and restocking art supplies after lessons
  • Administrative tasks related to the role
  • Supporting students directly during lessons or delivering demonstrations

Click here to download a standard technician role profile from Skills4Schools

Training & CPD

Entry requirements vary between schools and LAs but generally at secondary level employers ask for at least GCSEs, or A-Levels or equivalent. Where technicians are expected to support students more directly and up to A-Level, employers may ask for higher qualifications in specific subject areas.

Most art & design technicians will learn ‘on the job’ and take on duties as they gain experience although some local authorities and academy trusts may run ad-hoc training courses or art technicians regionally.

Specialist qualifications in areas such as photography or computer aided design or experience in a commercial art studio setting may be desirable but not essential for the role.

Support & Resources


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